Ryder Cup European Development Trust

The Robert Kalkman Foundation

Founded in 2007 by former Dutch international football player Robert Kalkman, himself a cancer survivor, the foundation supports children with cancer and/or a physical limitation and encourages them to find a new passion in life by playing golf. Robert’s aim is to provide a sporting challenge to these children, to offer them the chance to have fun within sport.

Now a golf professional himself, Robert is keen to to use his passion for and devotion to the sport of golf to help children and young people who, just like him, have been struck by cancer or another serious disease or physical disability.

The foundation organises golf clinics across the country each year, both outdoors on different golf courses and indoors with a golf simulator. Each golf clinic has the goal of giving the children a totally unforgettable day. PGA professionals assist Robert in giving the golf clinics and, where necessary, the children are transported to and from hospital in order to attend. A typical day includes learning about putting, chipping, bunker shots and practise on the driving range, with the chance to play a few holes on the course. The feedback from all those who take part is very positive, which in turn helps the children to stay positive despite their illnesses.

Overall Robert’s main aim is to demonstrate to (professional) top athletes from all types of sports who are afflicted with cancer and/or have a physical disability that golf can offer a new top sports challenge!

The grant from the Ryder Cup European Development Trust has enabled the foundation to increase the number of golf clinics it runs, in order to introduce more children and young people to the sport of golf.

Watch the video below for highlights of a recent interview with Foundation Founder, Robert Kalkman:

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