Ryder Cup European Development Trust

In 2019, Pravets Golf Club in Bulgaria received funding from the Ryder Cup European Development Trust to aid the continued development of a Junior Programme aimed at providing opportunities for local children to sample golf when ordinarily they might not have a chance to.

Whilst golf is still in its infancy in Bulgaria, the game has traditionally been for the country’s emerging middle-class meaning a large number of people have not been able to access the sport. The Junior Programme aimed to allow local children an opportunity to try the game and be taught in a controlled and fun environment that is just on their doorstep.

Combined with financial support from the CPG’s PGA Professional Championship of Europe, which was hosted at Pravets Golf Club back in 2014, the club’s Junior Programme has increased the number of children being taught on a regular basis and is looking to increase this further, as well as taking the more interested and motivated children further with potential scholarship programmes.