Ryder Cup European Development Trust

Confederation of Professional Golf Annual Congress

A Confederation of 32 National PGAs (28 European and 4 international) with a collective membership in excess of 12,500 golf professionals, the Confederation of Professional Golf is committed to the advancement of golf, golfers and the golf profession globally.

The CPG is also a partner in Ryder Cup Europe as the sole member of the Ryder Cup European Development Trust, and is widely acknowledged as a lead body in the delivery of golf development expertise on a global basis through its collaboration with The R&A in its “Working for Golf” programme.

Every year the Confederation of Professional Golf gathers its member countries together for 2-3 days, like any industry collective of organizations with common interest to:

  • Inform
  • Educate
  • Network
  • Establish industry standards
  • Allow benchmarking off larger countries
  • Explore new challenges (e.g. environmental issues)

Topics in recent years, have included high focus on environmental, economic and social issues with speakers from around the world including the USA, the most mature golfing market.

The benefit of the congress and the exposure of smaller/emerging golfing countries to knowledge, resource, experience within the golfing industry that otherwise would be a struggle to achieve, at any pace, is invaluable.

In a European Union where mobility of labour is so commonplace, larger PGAs have members working in many countries and at this annual gathering are able to develop their knowledge and experience of the newer markets where their members now live, work and help pioneering the development of golf.

All the PGAs share a common brand ‘PGA’ and the enhancement yet protection of that brand and trademark is critical. Common standards and infrastructures, direction of the profession and the business of golf, junior initiatives, player development and teaching are all issues that this collective gathering seeks to achieve which leads to more people playing golf across Europe. On average some 30 countries across Europe are represented each year.

It has become increasingly difficult to make this gathering economically viable for countries to send representation and funding from Ryder Cup European Development Trust since 2003 has made this congress possible.

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