Ryder Cup European Development Trust

Project Focus: PGA of Norway Mentor Programme

Posted on: 27th May 2020

As part of an ongoing project focus, the Ryder Cup European Development Trust [RCEDT] recently spoke to the PGA of Norway’s Anders Thelberg, to find out more about the PGA of Norway Mentor Programme, what it involved and the impact that it had…

1) What is the PGA of Norway Mentor Programme?

AT: “The Norwegian Golf Federation, the PGA of Norway, Hedmark University College and the Norwegian confederation of sports, have over the last 7-8 years worked together in order to develop a new and strong coach education system. The new system itself is today certified by all organisations involved as well as the Confederation of Professional Golf [CPG].

“High quality delivery of education across all levels of the system has been seen as the key difference between a strong and weak education programme. The previous system was in need of better tutors and mentors, that balance both the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.

“The mentor program was therefore launched in January 2018 and has been delivered together with the CPG as a final step of the EELS recognition process, with the ambition of having an effect at both local (the golf club) and national level (better tutors for the education system)”.

It aimed to achieve numerous objectives:

• Increased quantity and improved quality of tutors
• Deliver a programme that ensures that delivery of coach education on all levels is executed and learning outcomes are reached
• Establish functional coaching teams across all levels in Norwegian golf.
• Use the mentor programme as a catalyst for improving the working conditions of PGA Professionals and coaches across all levels

2) How successful has it been?

AT: “Following the rollout of the programme in 2018 it has successfully assessed 21 coaches to level 3 on the framework, and created 6 Professional and volunteer coach teams across Norway. On top of these specific objectives, it has also:

  • Influenced the PGA of Norway to create and define a new membership structure.
  • Influenced the PGA of Norway and Norwegian Golf Federation to streamline their cooperation between one another.
  • Built an overall competence base amongst Norwegian PGA Professionals for being a coach developer and tutor”.