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Portuguese Golf Federation Launches Project Drive

Posted on: 24th Aug 2013

2013-03-03 15.49.20With the objective of promoting the practice of golf among the Portuguese, the Portuguese Golf Federation (FPG) will launch the program Youth Development 2013-2016. The goal is to promote the sport at the youth, involving relevant institutions and civil society.

The project was chalked on the occasion of the candidacy of Portugal to the Ryder Cup in 2018, and although it was France to win the race, the FPG did not fail to take advantage of synergies and support. The partners in this new initiative are the R & A in St. Andrews, the Ryder Cup European Development Trust, the Portugal Masters / European Tour, PGA of Portugal, Peugeot and Multi Mall Management. The FPG also has the institutional support of the Portuguese Institute of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Education and various local authorities.

Finally being Olympic golf a sport, urged the need to implement a project that aims at the development of the sport in Portugal.The country has one of the lowest rates of practitioners in Europe given its population. The national average is 170 players on the golf course, while the European average is 550 players. And yet, Portugal has ideal characteristics for practicing this sport, although there are socio-economic barriers.

The Youth Outreach Program aims so take golf to young people and the general population in order to combat the stigma of elitist sport, to support and encourage clubs attracting new young players, train and equip, improve the training of young people and the frame Competitive Circuit Drive (golf competition at school), and significantly increase the number of practitioners affiliated to Clubs / Fields, aiming to broaden the base of recruitment of National Teams and Professionals and allowing better economic sustainability fields.

There are now about 65 schools across the country with the sport golf inserted in your resume, inserted in the designated Project Drive, which will be enhanced in this way. When developing youth golf in Portugal, enhances the growth of the sport, both economically and sportingly, sustainably. The coordination of the project up to David Moura, who has also been the Coach of the last two National Coaches, and Sebastião Gil Nuno Campino.

DSC01568 (Medium)The annual budget of the program is 60 000 euros, gazing up funds for the Clubs / Fields (€ 8,000) Schools / Sports (€ 33,000), Training of Teachers / Trainers (€ 10,000), Road Shows (€ 5,000) and Marketing / Communication (€ 4,000).

“After about two years to gather the necessary support for the implementation of a project of this nature, it is with great pleasure that we present the outline of it,” Manuel welcomes Agrellos, president of Planned Parenthood. “It’s like a Christmas gift for the Golf National. It is a structuring project from the point of view sporting and economic, as we escheat that will generate more players over the years, which, in turn, will enhance the sustainable development of the business of golf. “

Peter Adams, Director of International Championships European Tour, says that “the Portugal Masters is delighted to support the Portuguese Federation in its efforts to develop junior golf in Portugal. The European Tour, which is the promoter of the Portugal Masters, is actively involved in the development of youth golf program through the Ryder Cup Clubgolf, Scotland, and through the Ryder Cup European Development Trust. Support for FPG is an extension of these initiatives. “

For José Correia, president of PGA Portugal, the body charged with the creation of the manual for training teachers of Physical Education and own golf professionals, is a “proud” to be part of this project. “Obviously, you always want to participate and collaborate in this type of program, designed to develop the national golf with the youth. Besides having done the manual, which provides the basis for teachers to teach the younger, give our full institutional support. “

“It’s exactly the kind of project that we undertake to help, and such collaboration between several organizations, inside and outside of Portugal, to help grow the golf, is testament to the strong commitment of the Portuguese”, says Mikael turn Sorling , Chairman of the Ryder Cup European Development Trust. “The program will allow golf to be brought to the public, and by supporting the network of golf clubs in the country, will allow young people carry their enthusiasm for the field, which undoubtedly will feed significant developments of golf in Portugal.”

Find out more about Project Drive and the Portuguese Golf Federation at the Project Page here.

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