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If you want to find out some more about the Ryder Cup European Development Trust, or if you have a project or an idea which you think might benefit from some extra funding, please visit the ‘Contact Us ‘ page to speak to someone and see if your project is suitable.

Below are some steps to help you ensure your application is ready to be considered by the Ryder Cup European Development Trust:


Create a proposal for your project – Your proposal should include as much information as possible about what the project will do, who will participate and benefit and what any monies received would be used for. You should also include details of any other funding received or applied for, so that the Trustees can get a better picture of the project.


Identify what level of funding you are looking for and provide a plan of how the money will be used and what for.


Accompany the application with any supporting documents you might feel relevant – previous financial information, examples of media and PR coverage, results/case studies detailing what the project has achieved, etc.


Contact the Ryder Cup European Development Trust at the ‘Contact Us‘ page and submit all relevant documents to the recommended point of contact.

There is lots of help available if required – if you need help in setting out your proposal, or if you are not sure whether your project might be suitable, please let us know as soon as possible and we will work with you to develop a proposal that can be put to the Trustees for funding.

All ideas will be gratefully received and if successful, your project could appear on this website to hopefully provide further inspiration for other potential applicants.


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